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Badass Prints

Queer-feminist, sustainable and size-inclusive print shop for clothes, jewellery and stationary.

Badass Prints is an independent artistic project created by designer Carla Cimino (she/her) with a team that considers itself pro-sex feminists & queer.
Badass Prints produces sustainable pieces hand-made screen printed with typographic and illustrated designs, and spreads their philosophy through them.

The project is very open and presents in different formats like on-offline exhibitions, pop-ups, editorials, collaborations with artists and spaces. The team members also work as editors and producers for emerging artists they love and want to support, working hand by hand with them and giving platform for new perspectives and concepts.

Badass Prints believes in an intersectional feminism with all people regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, including all bodies and dismantling beauty pressure.

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