Quouch app for flinta couchsurfing


A Meetup created to build a community for the new Flinta couchsurfing app ‘Quouch’.

Couchsurfing without the annoying risk of again ending up at a lonely, horny, weird person’s (mostly cis-male) home, CAN be wonderful.

Nora, Lisbeth & Drew are building Quouch – Couchsurfing from a female & queer perspective.

They are creating this app, so that it’s ready for use in January 2023. Until then, the plan is to bring the community together. If you identify as FLINTA* join the team at Nora, the founder’s, place.

There will be drinks & snacks, you can test out the app mock-up and at every meetup, there will be something special happening – a performance from one of our queer fellow artists, life drawing, a dinner or something political.

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Berlin Flinta Couchsurfing Meetup