Flinta*-owned Businesses

Our aim is to support flinta-owned, flinta-run, local businesses and give them visibility.
Surely this list is still incomplete.
Please let us know if you think a specific entry is missing and should be listed here.

  • Mercuri Experience

    Mercuri Experience

    Transgender hair designer in Berlin-Kreuzberg

  • Pukka Hairdresser

    Pukka Hairdresser

    Queer hairdresser / hair stylist in Berlin-Neukölln

  • CPlusBakery


    Black FLINTA-owned vegan bakery hosting FLINTA* events

  • Facciola wine bar

    Facciola wine bar

    Flinta-owned wine bar in Kreuzberg

  • etece Buch

    etece Buch

    New publishing collective from Berlin – for more diversity in the book industry

  • TransToy / Exclusivitäten

    TransToy / Exclusivitäten

    ‘Private shopping’ of harnesses, dildos, packers and many other items

  • Bubble Berlin

    Bubble Berlin

    CBD nonbinary-lead, inclusive coffee & grow shop in Neukölln

  • trans*fabel


    Online-shop with a book pick-up option in Neukölln

  • No Milk Today

    No Milk Today

    Cozy vegan cafe in Kreuzberg, offering organic, fair-trade food and gluten-free options

  • Queer Gesprochen

    Queer Gesprochen

    Diversity-sensitive German classes with a queer and neurodivergent teacher

  • Schwester Esther

    Schwester Esther

    Safe, easy and memorable moving / transport service

  • Spur Tattoo

    Spur Tattoo

    Qpoc tattoo artist

  • Queer Erotica Tattoo

    Queer Erotica Tattoo

    Queer tattoo artist

  • Oax Constructions

    Oax Constructions

    Collective of queer woodworkers

  • Driller Queens

    Driller Queens

    English speaking home improvement and repairs

  • Lonely Hearts Cafe

    Lonely Hearts Cafe

    Neukölln cafe serving English fry-ups

  • Band of Sisters

    Band of Sisters

    Band of sisters aims to preserve the oriental know-how and pass it on to future generations

  • Şipşak Druck

    Şipşak Druck

    BIPoC printmaking collective and mobile screen printing workshop

  • Éclat Crew

    Éclat Crew

    Electronic Music Collective aiming to support, promote, and inspire the practice and output of flinta artists through collaboration and cooperation

  • BIWOC* Rising

    BIWOC* Rising

    Berlin’s first intersectional coworking and social club for BIW*oC and TIN*BPoC

  • SoundSysters


    Feminist crew of sound engineers. Book SoundSysters to organise and set up up your party or concert

  • She Said

    She Said

    Kreuzberg / Neukölln Bookshop for female and queer authors

  • Badass Prints

    Badass Prints

    Queer-feminist, sustainable and size-inclusive print shop for clothes, jewellery and stationary

  • Other Nature

    Other Nature

    Feminist, intersectional, queer & vegan sex shop in Kreuzberg

  • Bike Dyke

    Bike Dyke

    Friendly, affordable bike repair and queer collective

  • Another Country

    Another Country

    New and second-hand English bookshop, book club, and library

  • Queer Ear Mastering

    Queer Ear Mastering

    Mastering services, creating a safer space for flinta* and queer artists

  • The Gentle Bookshop

    The Gentle Bookshop

    Independent bookshop curating English books by BIPOC and queer authors

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